About Us
We’re a group of entrepreneurs partnering with health sytems to end clinical staffing shortages.

WorkUp Health was founded with an ambitious goal: to solve the clinical workforce shortage by investing in tomorrow’s clinical talent. Luckily, we share this vision with health systems across the U.S.. Health systems everywhere are investing in their communities to inspire and support students pursuing careers in healthcare.

Helping hundreds of thousands of students discover, understand and pursue clinical careers is no small task. Not only are there dozens of desperately needed roles, many of which are relatively unknown to those outside of healthcare, there are also nearly infinite paths that one can take to each role. Every student, every life story is unique and rarely do they follow a straight line. Being there to support talent through each twist and turn is impossible if you rely exclusively on the twenty four hours in the day, excel spreadsheets and outlook calendar reminders.

Enter WorkUp, the only purpose built platform helping connect each unique student with the resources needed to support their clinical career journey. As talent leverages these resources, we learn more about what each student needs today, enabling tailored, timely support.

WorkUp is founded by entrepreneurs who have started and scaled five successful technology platforms in healthcare, talent management, digital infrastructure, and e-commerce. We measure our success in careers.

Scott, Terry, and Zach

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Empower future clinicians to pursue the career of their dreams, with you as their champion.
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